Do we know how it all started?
According to a study of anthropologists and archaeologists, In earlier, we all know that clothing likely evolved with nature, using grass, leaves, fur, or leather that were tied, wrapped, or draped around their body. Natural fibers obtained from animal sources and plants were the first materials used for designing clothes (cotton, wool, leather, silk, etc.). The first fiber extraction was from flax seeds it is 36,000 years old.
In the olden days, humans started wearing clothes to keep them warm when they exposed themself to ice age conditions. As humans started
to move from place to place he carried clothes along with him made up of animal skins or from plant extractions. When different cultures

evolved different varieties of clothes were designed.        The word “Costume” is derived from the Latin word “consuetudo”, which means set of outer garments. With what attire people wear they were identified as him/she was from a particular community or country at any given historical time.        With Costumes characteristic we can identify an individual or group that reflects their Nationality, gender, class, profession, or ethnicity.