In 2009 FITBIT(wearable fitness tracker) was introduced and this little gadget has helped a lot of people in their fitness lifestyle. People started to love these gadgets as they have a count on their heart rates, steps taken in a day and body weight, etc.

Everybody wants to know their progress after a workout and yes technology has given us this fitness gadget on the wrist that will be keeping a track of it. Fitness trackers have a variety of functions and let see what technology behind them :
Count your steps :
An accelerometer is set in most of the fitness trackers. The device calculates the speed or changes in the direction using this tool the tracker can keep a count on the number of steps
taken in a day.
Vital Signs :
A heart rate monitor is also one of the key function in most of the fitness tracker – it monitors your pulse during exercise and while at rest.
Count of calories :
Most of the trackers use the heart rate to estimate how many calories were burned during the day, there are also few applications designed to monitor the calories consumed and burned which help for weight loss.
Monitor your sleep :
The inbuilt detect motion can track your sleep time, they figure out if you are in deep sleep, lightly awake, or awake.If you’re trying to lose weight, a fitness tracker can show you when you can take steps to improve it – and the fitness tracker can help you see how the numbers change over time.
 This can help you figure out which strategies work or don’t work for you.