Cannot imagine a Lifestyle without you

In the modern world, Home appliances play a major role in the domestic life of a common man. We have started using the appliances
ever since the man began to use tools. Usage of home appliances has become more determined in today’s world which has made our lifestyle
more comfortable. Home appliances are electrical and mechanical appliances that fulfill some household functions such as washing, cleaning,
cooking, exercising, purifying, food preservation, etc. More than half of household domestic appliances are largely used in the bedrooms, bathrooms, halls and in the kitchen.

Do you which are the most deemed home appliances by the people?
Yes, you are right – It’s the washing machine, which has eliminated great labor of hand washing which was mostly done outside the home.
The second appliance preferred by most of the population is Refrigerator, which allowed food storage and preserved the food. These both
appliances saved more time and were strongly recommended by the crowd.

Later the Television impact
When the TV sets were introduced the broadcast was by RAI and started in 1954. Program called “Double or nothing ” by Mike Bongiorno
was very successful also increased TV sales. Before then, Tv set was used only in public places such as cafes, clubs or cinema halls.
Later in the fifties and sixties, cinema halls sold five times more tickets than today. Broadcast, cinema influenced the crowd to purchase TV sets for their own

Trends kept changing, Designs kept changing appliances were getting more and more efficient which integrated changes perfectly with the classic and modern world.