Playing with Toys engages the baby’s senses and encourages them to sharpen their imaginations. When Kids grow they use toys to explore different objects. While they play it aids in the development of mental and physical skills which are going to be useful in their later life.
Kids show interest to learn about the world around them. Ever since they are born, toys are used to motivate babies to use their feet and hands to discover forms, colors, sounds, and so on.
Once babies learn how to sit and crawl, toys invite them to be on the move.
Toys boost kid’s creativity where it helps them to express their emotions (internal and external). Being parents we must first understand child psychology.

Here are a few common types of Traditional Toys listed:-
1. Toys that strengthen fine motor skills
Few toys that support the development of fine motor skills (e.g., finger dexterity, wrist flexibility). Kids playing with these toys require them to grasp, hold, or manipulate objects.
 Building structures with blocks, putting together puzzles, and cutting shapes are examples of toy-related activities that facilitate fine motor development.
2. Toys which stimulate the imagination
Giving Simpler toys to children will encourage their imagination. Toys like —cars and planes, dolls, accessories, kitchen sets, action figures, costumes, and others—encourage symbolically and pretend play.
 The child can create new worlds and stories each time they use these toys.
3. Toys that foster creativity
When children are given the freedom to express themselves and do not fear being criticized they often enjoy creative activities, such as drawing and painting
Material toys that are required for creative activities include (colored) papers of various sizes, child-safe scissors, colored pencils, paintbrushes, watercolor paint, modeling clay, etc.
4. Toys which promote conceptual and language learning
Board games and card games (e.g., Chutes, Ladders, checkers and Go Fish) help teach children new mathematical concepts, strengthening their problem-solving abilities, and improving their social skills.
Children will learn new vocabulary and will improve their language skills by talking about and reading books together.
5. Toys that encourage physical activity
These days especially media-based toys do not involve kids in active play, they end up with health problems (e.g., obesity)
It better to promote physical activity toys which include push and pull toys, big toy cars, bicycles and tricycles, balls (e.g., basketball), jump rope

The purpose of playing with toys is to facilitate warm and supportive communication. Therefore, Traditional toys or digital toys—should not be used to replace social interactions but to enhance them.