We all have to accept the fact that, Technologies have become very essential in today’s world. Where few can’t imagine life without technology.Humans introduced technology and with the help of technology, he has also achieved a lot. Technology has made life easier and better. For example, We can connect to our friends and family from any part of the world, We have advance equipment that can cure a lot of illness, we can travel across the globe which means we are gifted with a lot of choices by developing technology that can simply human efforts. Most of the countries have developed their infrastructure using technology means better education, health care, transportation, and other services.

Our Future has been shaped with the help of technology- like saving energy, resources discovering new processes and methods. New innovations and technology developments have touched many lives around the world with the help of the Internet. The birth of the internet has changed day to day life. Once it was a static network designed to send messages between two terminals in smaller bytes, it was published and maintained
by only expert coders. Today, however, a vast amount of information is uploaded and downloaded via the internet. Internet was no longer used only for data exchange alone usage of the internet has versatile many individuals enabling their skills to communicate with one another, create content where we all are commentators, publishers, and creators. Today, we can send and receive data in a matter of seconds from one end of the world to the other, make online presentations, use pictures, video, sound and text to share our real lives play games also share our views in public or private social platforms.

Just 10 years ago there were no social media, later things have changed we have improved a lot in service, processes, and products- the future is awaiting with opportunities and the future of the internet has just begun.