The technology used for cellular communication is Mobile Technology, in the olden days we were using football-sized mobile phones now the technology has grown rapidly from using a pager to the latest upgraded device that is embedded with messenger applications, browsers, portable mobile computing, compact gaming console, GPS navigation and networks like 2G, 3G, and 4G.

Classification of Mobile technology is of four types :
1. Radio-based two-way radio communication or Broadcast
2. Mobile phone service based on cellular phones SMS, WAP, GPRS, UMTS(3generation mobile communication network)
3. Laptops, tablets, Personal digital assistance, pagers, Bluetooth technology, RFID and GPS
4. Network-based Wi-Fi

Types of mobile networks:
Cellular network:
Using cell phone towers Radio networks are distributed which allows mobile to switch frequencies automatically and communicate without
interruptions, they accommodate multiple users to communicate across a limited number of radio frequencies.

4G network:
It is the current cellular service used for wireless communication. The technology used in this type is called “Packet switching Technology”
which organizes the data into packets and transmits the same also receives at the destination.
Then 3 “G” (Generation) 4 G is 10x faster where 5 G is expected to be 20x faster than 4 G.
Wireless networks are like cell towers for internet access, Radio waves connect devices through the internet by localized routers called hotspots.
Depending upon user preferences most of the mobile devices allow for automatic switching between Wi-fi and cellular network

Allows users to quickly connect or pair devices in a shorter distance using short-wavelength radio waves- such as headsets, speakers, phones, and other devices