Chocolate is a famous and delicious food item. It can be in liquid form like hot chocolate and in a solid form like a candy bar. Chocolates are made up of cacao beans.
Chocolate are made from fruits of the Theobroma cacao, The tree whose name means “food of the gods” in Greek.It is the most popular treat in the world. According World Cocoa Foundation  nearly 3 million tons of cacao beans are used in a year (mostly in United states and Europe).

Eating chocolate is good for heart and brain.Facts to know about chocolate :
1) People who have diabetes , heart disease and hypertension should strictly say a NO for chocolates
2) Chocolate contains high level of Antioxidants
3) Studies say that it can lower your cholestrol levels
4) It has more calories
5) For People who wants to keep your self fit , please eat chocolate in moderationThere are 3 types of chocolate :White , milk and dark chocolates. White chocolate does not have cocoa, the ingredients used makes it sweeter than other 2 types. Milk chocolate has a little amount of cacao and
does not tast as sweeter like the white chocolates. Where the Dark chocolate has 60-85 % of cocoa so it tastes least sweet and has strong chocolate flavor.
Dark chocolates :
Are loaded with heavy nutrients that can possitively affect your health when consumed more but certainly studies support few benifits about the dark chocolates
Dark chocolates contain high cocoa content, A 100gm bar of dark chocolate consists of 70%-85% cocoa and 11 grams of fiber .
The RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake) 67% of iron
58% of magnesium
89% of copper
98% of manganese also has plenty of potassium, phosphorus and zinc. This is for 100 grams of dark chocolate and should not be consuming daily. All these nutrients its  600 calories and moderate amounts of sugar.
It also contains caffeine and theobromine, but in very less quantity than coffee.

White chocolates :
White chocolate is ivory in color, made with cocoa butter, sugar and milk sometimes vanilla it is high in saturated fat. It contains a good amount of calcium but
it isn’t a healthy food as the calorie, sugar and fat content is rich.
Milk chocolates :
Milk chocolates are made up of smooth cocoa powder or chocolate syrup to plain milk or dairy products. It can make your brain feel happy eating them.Chocolates are good untill it is not consumed in a larger quantity. Some animals are allergetic towards chocolate like dog and cats. There is substance present in dark chocolate called
“polyphenol” which lowers the risk of heart related disease.