A font is a group of characters, with a particular size, weight, and style. The characters include punctuation, uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and numbers. Nowadays the font is synonymous with typeface. A type designed for a group of a font is called typeface. The word font was acquired from Middle French “Fonte“. Every font has a unique style. Some fonts are designed like easy to read with a simple technique. By changing the font gives a quality of looks to your text or block.

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There are a broad variety of fonts available today. But the following are primary classification fonts traditionally used for many years

1.Serif Type Styles

  • Old Style
  • Transitional
  • Neoclassical
  • Slab
  • Clarendon
  • Glyphic
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2.Sans Serif Type Styles

  • Grotesque
  • Square
  • Humanistic
  • Geometric

3. Decorative Type Styles

  • Grunge
  • Psychedelic
  • Graffiti
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4.Script Type Styles

  • Formal
  • Casual
  • Calligraphic
  • Blackletter & Lombardic
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The characteristics of a font decide its standard that includes

  1. Weight – A weight of the font refers to the thickness of the text outline according to height.
  2. Slope – A slope or slanted style is used to highlight important words which are called italic or oblique word.
  3. Width – A font that varies the width of the characters. The use of the width is rare than weight and height.
  4. Optical size – It’s used to enhance the professionalism in the font by optimizing size and weight.
  5. Metrics – It consists of numeric values relating to size and space in the font overall.
  6. Digits – Fonts have multiple kinds of a digit. It includes separate styles for superscript and subscript digits.

Font choices play a vital role to improve the beauty of text or block. It helps readers to observe information from the text appropriately. It provides an attractive appearance and maintains the aesthetic value of your content. The correct choice of font help to attract your target audience. It creates and builds recognition.

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