In general domain name is the identity or address of your website. So that people can easily type your domain name on the browser URL to visit your website. Every website consists of two main elements. The first one is a web server and another one is a domain name. A web server is a physical machine that hosts all of your files, media, and asset on the server. When somebody types your domain name on the address bar the web hosting help to transfer the data from the server as per the necessity. A domain name consists of two main factors. For example, consists of the website’s name (gagcoders) and the domain name extension (.com).

Following are the types of domain name

  1. Top-level domain name
  2. Second-level and lower level domain name
  3. Internationalized domain name
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Top-level domain name

A top-level domain is a root in a domain hierarchy. It is the highest level of a domain such as .com,.net, and .org. It is used for special purposes such as testing, documentation, network, and other applications. It’s a trademark and most corporate companies registered this level of the domain to promote their product easily.

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Second-level and lower level domain name

It is a second-level in the domain hierarchy. These are the names left to the .com or .net. For example In the above example, co is a second-level domain name. A lower-level domain is written immediately to the left of a second-level domain. Then it goes forth and fifth and so on. Virtually there is no limit.

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Internationalized domain name

Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) allows people around the globe to use domain names in local languages and scripts. It’s formed from different scripts or languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Devanagiri, and Cyrillic. It allows native speakers of non-Latin-based scripts to access the Internet in their language.

Choosing the right domain name is an important key factor to bring more visitors to your website. It becomes troublesome to switch later on without harming your brand and search rankings if you choose the wrong domain name. That’s a reason why it’s extremely important. You can keep your domain name short, easy to pronounce and spell. The domain name must be unique to become a brand. Before register, a domain name, find out if there is already a registered business using the same name.

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