It seems that every place we tend to flip, our world is obtaining smarter technology. we are in the world of smartphones, smartwatches, and smart cars. Why not a toothbrush? Believe it or not, sensible Bluetooth toothbrushes have entered the technology field currently. However Bluetooth electric toothbrushes keep track of your brushing history and performance.

How to connect Bluetooth toothbrush?

You need to connect your Bluetooth toothbrush to your smartphone. Initially turn on Bluetooth in a toothbrush. To turn on Bluetooth, please press and hold both the power and mode buttons for a few seconds until the light flashes on. The Bluetooth light will flash if it is turned on. Now it’s a turn to switch on Bluetooth in a smartphone. When the toothbrush connects with the smartphone, a pairing request window will appear. Once you click to agree the toothbrush is now recognized by the smartphone operating system.

Major advantages of using Bluetooth electric toothbrush

  • It is a unique, dentist-inspired tooth surrounds with end-rounded bristles for superior clean.
  • It has a rotating and oscillating feature for better cleaning.
  • Electric toothbrushes consistently reduce plaque and gingivitis more effectively than a manual toothbrush in both the short and long term.
  • It cleans better between teeth, removes 100% more plaque, and helps you’re taking better care of your gums.
  • You will get visual alerts if you’re brushing too hard with the assistance of a built-in pressure sensor.

  • Six cleaning modes available including Whitening, which helps you get whiter teeth.
  • It includes Gum Protect which shows your problem gum areas on your smartphone. 
  • Results of connecting your toothbrush to the smartphone will get real-time feedback on your brushing.
  • You’ll know if you’re brushing too speed if you’ve brushed long enough and your brushing habits have improved over time.
  • The battery long lasting will help powerful cleaning action for up to 12 days between charges. It’ll never run out of power because USB Travel Case charges your toothbrush and your phone with one outlet.

You can determine if this technology is something you should look into. When you brush with a Bluetooth electric toothbrush you do so much more for your oral health than you can with a manual toothbrush. If you have oral health problems that require more attention, these advanced technology features helping you keep on track by pushing a single button.