These days, you need a computer that fits your wrist. That’s what makes the smartwatch so popular. Since its launch reactions to the Apple Watch have been pretty split. Especially Apple watch series 6 has a lot of advanced features includes fitness tracking and health-oriented capabilities with iOS and other Apple products and services. Before buying it’s best to familiarize yourself first with all benefits and key features.

For Workout tracking

Apple Watch Series 6 can track your workout sessions and show stats in real-time whether you are walking, running, or doing yoga. It displays the traveled distance, the time elapsed, heart rate, pace, and calories burned. You have 12 different options (like running, walking, cycling, swimming, etc.) on the workout app to start the workout. There’s also automatic workout detection available that sense you are beginning a workout. you will get an alert if you want to start tracking.

For Health monitor

An iWatch tracks your health data that include heartbeat, pulse rate, blood pressure, and keep track of your exercise activities. You will get an alert if any irregular activities in your health condition. iWatch Series 6 have a fall detection feature like the previous series. If you have fallen, the watch easily detects with the help of an accelerometer and gyroscope. Series 6 introduced advanced health sensors including the Blood Oxygen app and ECG app, these apps save people’s lives by detecting heart irregularities.

For Water resistance

You can wear an Apple Watch Series 6 during exercise in the rain, and while washing your hands. Depend on the series water resistance level is increased. Like the previous series has splash and water-resistant, but submerging isn’t recommended. But with series 6 you can swim into shallow water up to 50 meters. However, you shouldn’t use this for scuba diving, water skiing, and other activities involving high-velocity water. Don’t expose it to soaps, shampoos, lotions, and perfumes. 

For Large display

Initially, Apple increased series 4 display size 30% more than series 2. Now series 6 size increased than series 4. With the larger screen, users can see more apps that include weather, heart pulse rate, workout status, and battery life. The larger display is easier to read text messages, view photos, look at websites, etc. It doesn’t feel bulky on the arm. 

Key features

  • Timekeeping
  • Notifications
  • Health and fitness
  • Apple Pay
  • Communication
  • Remote control

Who should get


  • you want to spend more time on a watch than the phone.
  • you need super convenient fitness tracking 
  • you want to be able to glance at a call or message before deciding whether to reach for your phone 
  • you want to explore the future right now


The iWatch series 6 is both stylish and fashionable. What started as a fashion statement is now mainly focused on health and wellness. This smartwatch offers health monitoring and workout-tracking depending on the model, cellular connectivity. With its sleek design and innovative features, the Apple iWatch series 6 certainly deserves its place as one of the best smartwatches available today.