What’s a digital photo frame?

A digital photo frame is also called a digital media frame that is used to display photos. A computer or printer doesn’t require to display the photos. It’s a small LCD monitor that’s designed to look like a regular picture frame. Most of the digital photo frames can be set up in either portrait or landscape orientation. It has a feature to “play” a slide show of its contents. A digital picture frame includes a built-in memory and a memory card slot that allows you to increase the storage capacity.

How does it work?

Numerous companies have made digital picture frames. The frames are somewhat similar in construction, though they do offer some different features. In this section, we will know about how Skylight’s digital photo works. 

The frame is simple like a computer. It has most of the same components as the computer, but only performs a single task. First, use the touch screen to connect to Wi-Fi and choose a unique skylight email address for your frame to send photos. After choosing the email send photo’s from your phone or computer, and photos arrive in seconds. Usually, skylight requires Wi-Fi to receive new photos. But you can view your existing photos without a Wi-Fi connection. Now you can swipe through photos, browse the gallery, delete photos, or pause the slideshow. Also, a button pops-up on the touchscreen whenever you get new photos.

The benefits of using digital photo frames

Without printing

Since these photo frames are entirely digital, you will never need to print any of the photos you catch with your digital camera. It may not look great, but if you regularly want the latest photos to appear in your photo frames, you have to expend more money on printing new pictures or using expensive ink from your printer. You should not bother about the quality of the photo because the LCD panel in all digital photo frames can display images that look like real objects.

Easier to use

Replacing a photo fixed on a traditional frame is greatly simplified when you take an old photo and insert a new one. Nevertheless, do not forget all the effort needed to obtain photos designed in a suitable size. Nothing could be simpler than inserting a memory card from a camera or a USB flash drive filled with photos, and then choosing which images to show from there. After you want to show another image, all you need to do is simply set it in the frame, and it should show up instantly.


One of the most reliable ways to share your photos with family and friends is with a digital photo frame. A digital photo frame has various shapes and sizes, just like normal photo frames. It has an LCD screen that shows multiple different photos in a slideshow mode. You also have the opportunity to decide how to move photos transition from one to the other. Digital photo frames are an impressive and innovative way to show your images unforgettably. You can share these special memories in all the ways that were never possible before.