What is AWeber?

AWeber is an impressive email marketing automation platform that gives businesses and their marketing teams the ability to send out automated, professional-looking, and personalized email content and messages to targeted prospects and customers. Users can take advantage of this marketing solution to engage with prospective and existing customers in a fast and effective way, enabling them to build and maintain smooth and strong relationships with prospects and customers. AWeber allows users to create their mailing lists which show the names and contact information of people they need to reach out to as they launch email marketing campaigns. Signup for free

The platform makes sure that they can completely and deeply identify the people contained in such lists, making it easy for them to classify contacts or recipients, understand their needs and attributes, and deliver the right emails to the right people at the right time. AWeber automates many email marketing-related activities and tasks such as responding to emails sent by prospects or customers and sending follow-up emails according to the schedules users have set. It can also seamlessly work in tandem with one’s existing content management and email management systems and other types of enterprise or business tools and applications.

AWeber specialties

  • Email Newsletters
  • Subscriber Segmenting
  • Email Marketing Analytics
  • Email Deliverability
  • Email Analytics
  • Permission Email Marketing
  • Sign Up Forms
  • AWeber Mobile App
  • Blog Newsletters
  • Subscriber Management
  • App Showcase
  • Business Email Marketing
  • Autoresponders
  • HTML Email Templates
  • Best Email Marketing
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Bulk Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Direct Email Marketing

AWeber Benefits

The main benefits of AWeber are the creation of mailing lists which can be enriched with essential pieces of information such as the attributes and behaviors of prospects and customers, composing of personalized email contents and messages from templates, accessing email marketing automation capabilities such as autoresponders and automated follow-up emails, and getting support from a team of professionals that are expert in email marketing. Below is a discussion that demonstrates how this platform can transform your email marketing campaigns:

Personalized Email Contents And Messages

Once users are done preparing their mailing lists and add all the necessary information they need, they can then launch email marketing campaigns and send out automated, professional-looking, and personalized email contents and messages to contacts and recipients included in their mailing lists. AWeber helps users launch email marketing campaigns as quickly as possible. 

The platform permits them to craft email contents and messages ahead of time so that they no longer need to compose emails manually before they launch their email marketing campaigns and while they are running them. Through the aid of its built-in email templates, they can instantly create email content and messages by simply doing a drag-and-drop. They can customize these email templates in any way they want, permitting them to come up with email contents and messages that reflect the brand of their business and are loaded with personal touches. Signup for free

Personalized Customer Engagement

To be able to engage with prospects and customers via email, users must first prepare lists of people whom they are going to reach out to. These lists of people, contacts, and recipients are also referred to as mailing lists. What’s great about AWeber is that it enables users not just to come up with ordinary lists of contacts or recipients but also to enrich these lists with all the important information they need so they can engage with people in a more personalized manner. 

As they add a person to their mailing lists, they will be able to include important pieces of information about that person like contact details and behavioral attributes or characteristics. For instance, they can indicate what marketing channels are being used by contact and what actions he or she has done so far. Thus, users can verify if the contact has been actively purchasing products from them or subscribing to the services they are offering. Signup for free

Email Marketing Campaigns Automation

AWeber’s automation capabilities revolutionize email marketing campaigns. The email marketing automation platform enables users to automatically reply to emails being sent out by prospects and customers. This feature is very useful when it comes to delivering welcome or thank you messages, confirmation emails, or important reminders and notifications. 

AWeber also automates the process of delivering follow-up emails to prospects and customers. Users can set schedules that determine when follow-up emails should be sent out to prospects and customers. This way, they will be able to reach out to people at the right time.

Webinars and Training

Some users especially those that have just recently started their business might not be familiar with the dynamics of email marketing. One great feature of AWeber is it offers live webinars and training sessions to users who want to understand what email marketing is all about, how it should be done, and what benefits businesses can get from it. 

These webinars and training sessions are conducted by professionals who are experts in email marketing and can guide them in knowing and applying the best email marketing strategies. Signup for free