An email marketing campaign can deliver an ROI of up to 4400%. But it “can” and not “will” provide this return on your investment. To make sure you get a high ROI, you need to increase your email open rates and CTR.

Average Email Open Rates & CTR

First, let’s know the average email open rate and CTR in the industry. According to the survey, the open rate for emails should be between 15% and 25%, while the CTR should be 2.5%. If your email open rates and click-through ratio are lower, implement these practical tips to improve them. Let’s get started!

1. Test Your Email Subject Line

Your email subject line is everything. It determines whether someone is going to open your email or not.

You will need to stand out with your subject lines. But don’t sound too promotional that your emails go to people’s spam folders. For years, digital marketers have created email campaigns by using the same subject line formulas.

Therefore, these common subject lines can be filtered out as white noise. Your primary focus should be to land your email into the people’s inbox and not in spam. Be creative with email subject lines and do the A/B testing.

2. Stop Your Email from Going to Spam

Despite the improvement in spam filters in recent years, they are still not perfect. Even your best emails can get swept into the dreaded spam folder, never to be seen again.  The best way to ensure a high open-rate for your email marketing campaigns is to avoid flagging as spam. Make sure all the recipients have done the double opt-in to receive your emails. Avoid words like “buy,” “discount” or “cash.” 

3. Boost Your Email Sending Score

What is an email sending score, anyway? Well, it’s kind of probability that your email will reach your subscriber’s inbox.
Here are some of the best practices to keep your email from going to spam and increase email open rates:

1. Make it easy for your subscribers to opt-out of your emails
2. Include your location to boost your credibility
3. Don’t go for clickbait but click-worthy subject lines 
4. Avoid spammy words
5. Ask your subscribers to add you to their whitelist
6. Keep your email codes clean
7. Send through verified domain or subdomain and good IP address

These are a few methods you can manually do to make your email friendly to your subscriber’s inboxes.

4. Send the Email to Yourself

Sending an email to yourself first is not only a fantastic idea for your business but the entire email campaign as well. It also helps prove that your email will go to your subscribers successfully. You get to see what your subscribers will see.

Before sending an email to your subscribers, send it to yourself. So, that you can

1. See where it lands in your inbox
2. And make sure everything looks perfect

Put yourself in the shoes of your recipient while reading the email.

5. Write Clear Email Body With Click-Worthy CTA

Small mistakes can shorten your email list. So, be careful when writing your email copy. And use these tips to increase email open rates and CTR:

1. Be clear about your target audience
2. Use clear and actionable language
3. Align your email with your subject line
4. Personalize each email to the perfect level
5. Never sell before your prospect is ready
6. Talk about benefits, not features (obviously)
7. Make use of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) subtly
8. Keep your CTAs clear, concise, and eye-catchy

Bottom line

To sum up, let re-enlist the tips for you here.

  1. Test your email subject lines
  2. Stop your emails from going to spam using
  3. Boost your email sending score
  4. Send the email to yourself
  5. And write clear email body with powerful CTA

These tips and tools helped email campaigns get way better results than the industry’s average. But don’t be disappointed if you don’t get the same turnaround right away. Give yourself time to experiment with A/B testing. And you’ll crush it!