Free hosting isn’t free

Companies offer free hosting with only one aim — to sign you up on their platform. Once you become a customer and start creating a website, you will inevitably find that it’s nearly impossible to create and maintain a website through a free hosting plan. 

They remove all the features that a hosting plan should come with. So, when you create a website, you’ll have a rude shock waiting for you. Once you realize you need a few tools and features, they start charging for that. For example, basic tools and resources like bandwidth, disk space, SSL, control panel, etc. will be charged separately. 

The idea is that because you’ve put in so much time and effort for your website, you’ll pay up. What’s more, those features or tools aren’t sold cheap. 


Web hosting companies that offer free hosting services are spending money on you. They are creating space on their servers for your website. If you somehow manage to get your website running for a while on free hosting services, they will start putting ads on your website. 

These are not ads that make you money. The ad revenue goes to the hosting company. The twisted reasoning is that you’ve got free hosting, so they get the ad revenue. This isn’t temporary, by the way!


As you might have already guessed, free hosting servers don’t get the best maintenance in a hosting company. It’s being offered for free. So, they go easy on the maintenance, meaning your website will be down a lot. 

With Shared Hosting plans, companies are charging money for the services rendered. When you buy the hosting plan, the web hosting company will give you a service guarantee, which will include an uptime guarantee as well. This ensures that you can hold the web hosting company accountable for the uptime scores and demand your money back in case of sub-standard services.

Low bandwidth

Bandwidth is the rate at which data is transferred from your server to the user’s browser, and here’s what you need to know – more is better. Greater the bandwidth, the higher the speed of your website. And when it comes to websites, speed is everything. 

With free hosting, you can expect very little bandwidth. Sometimes this happens because hosting companies stuff servers full of websites and there’s little to go around. With some companies, the limiting of bandwidth is purposeful. Companies create bandwidth caps in hopes of signing you on for a paid plan with higher bandwidth.

Bottom line

there’s no such thing as free hosting in the real world. Companies will make their money in one way or another. It may be through ads on your website or by making your hosting experience so frustrating that you’ll end up buying a paid plan. And once you do start paying, costs start adding up.