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Why digital photo frames are crucial in keeping your memories alive?

What’s a digital photo frame?

A digital photo frame is also called a digital media frame that is used to display photos. A computer or printer doesn’t require to display the photos. It’s a small LCD monitor that’s designed to look like a regular picture frame. Most of the digital photo frames can be set up in either portrait or landscape orientation. It has a feature to “play” a slide show of its contents. A digital picture frame includes a built-in memory and a memory card slot that allows you to increase the storage capacity.

How does it work?

Numerous companies have made digital picture frames. The frames are somewhat similar in construction, though they do offer some different features. In this section, we will know about how Skylight’s digital photo works. 

The frame is simple like a computer. It has most of the same components as the computer, but only performs a single task. First, use the touch screen to connect to Wi-Fi and choose a unique skylight email address for your frame to send photos. After choosing the email send photo’s from your phone or computer, and photos arrive in seconds. Usually, skylight requires Wi-Fi to receive new photos. But you can view your existing photos without a Wi-Fi connection. Now you can swipe through photos, browse the gallery, delete photos, or pause the slideshow. Also, a button pops-up on the touchscreen whenever you get new photos.

The benefits of using digital photo frames

Without printing

Since these photo frames are entirely digital, you will never need to print any of the photos you catch with your digital camera. It may not look great, but if you regularly want the latest photos to appear in your photo frames, you have to expend more money on printing new pictures or using expensive ink from your printer. You should not bother about the quality of the photo because the LCD panel in all digital photo frames can display images that look like real objects.

Easier to use

Replacing a photo fixed on a traditional frame is greatly simplified when you take an old photo and insert a new one. Nevertheless, do not forget all the effort needed to obtain photos designed in a suitable size. Nothing could be simpler than inserting a memory card from a camera or a USB flash drive filled with photos, and then choosing which images to show from there. After you want to show another image, all you need to do is simply set it in the frame, and it should show up instantly.


One of the most reliable ways to share your photos with family and friends is with a digital photo frame. A digital photo frame has various shapes and sizes, just like normal photo frames. It has an LCD screen that shows multiple different photos in a slideshow mode. You also have the opportunity to decide how to move photos transition from one to the other. Digital photo frames are an impressive and innovative way to show your images unforgettably. You can share these special memories in all the ways that were never possible before.

5 tips to create a professional-looking video

Nowadays video editing plays a vital role in any form of industry across the globe. Because it is the key to blending images and sounds to make us feel emotionally attached and sometimes actually there in the film we’re seeing. It’s a safe presumption to say that video editing is amongst the most prominent jobs in any industry.

1. Plan your video content

Believe it or not, the content of your video matters a lot more than its quality. But if you had to give one aspect more attention, time and energy, it would be shaping your content well.

To frame your content, consider the following three video tips:

Outline your goal

What are you looking to accomplish with your video? Are you trying to make people laugh? Are you trying to get them to visit your website? Determine your goal before moving on.

Identify your target audience

You can’t probably target everyone in the world, because then who are you talking to? Your audience will decide the method you write your script, the approach you shoot your video, and the style you edit it.

Use the power of emotions

Emotions are what force viewers to follow through with your call to action, whether that’s supporting your channel, sharing your video, or purchasing your product. 

2. Pick the right background

The background for your video should never be an afterthought. It’ll assist tell your story, convey your message and contribute to your brand. It will also modify the quality of your video.

The background you select will depend on the nature of the video you’re producing, your goals, and your spectators. The main two types are:

Real Backgrounds

These involve a real-life context such as an office, a living room, or an outdoor location. Just make sure it’s not distracting, messy, or has anything that doesn’t commit to the story, message, or brand.

Fake Backgrounds

These backgrounds incorporate green screens, curtains, or papers. Fake backgrounds are renowned for consistency. Green screens are specifically great because they empower you to replace your actual background with anything you want. Nevertheless, they are hard to set up and work with and aren’t suggested for beginner video creators.

3. Use the right natural lighting

The natural light decides the quality of the video. It’s best to shoot the video outdoors on a cloudy day, an hour after sunrise, or an hour before sunset. If you make an indoor video choose a place that gets a lot of natural light through the windows. The good news is a bunch of online video editing software available on the internet. You can customize lighting like natural. Simply browse and add customizable video templates with natural lighting with just one click.

4. Film in short sections

This filming and editing section will save your time and energy. It’s much easier to film short takes. You have more opportunities to reshoot if you didn’t like it. Segmenting your script into shorter ones will help to communicate your message more precisely. Some best free video editing tools provide easy-to-use clips and sound bites to use in previews, trailers, and samples.

5. Choose the right video editing software

The final step in improving your video editing process is to select the right video editing software for you and your work. They normally offer everything you need to make standard video edits, but you may prefer one over others for their usability, digital interface, and features. The key here is to pick what works for you and your editing style instead of just the latest, most advanced video editing software out there.

Convert Text to speech(TTS) using Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Speech has the power to convey your thoughts. speaking comes to an individual naturally. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with this ability. But now Artificial Intelligence(AI)-powered advanced technologies available to transform your text into speech with just a click. AI generates speech that sounds more natural than any other text-to-speech system. You can transform any text into a human-sounding voice-over instantly.

How does it work?

Write your text message directly into the box from your computer. A.I. engine will check the grammar and add all the punctuation marks needed to obtain the speech sound natural. Select the language and voice. You can find the one that best fits your needs with the help of a preview. You have the facility to add breathing sounds, long pauses in the speech, and even choose the tone of the speech. That’s it, Now play and listen to the generated voiceover.

Advanced Specification 

  • You can transform any text into speech
  • Both male and female voice included
  • Works in various language
  • Serious, joy, and normal emotions tone available
  • Works with any video creation software
  • It adds inflections in the voice
  • Widest voice selection


  • Improve customer interactions with intelligent, lifelike responses
  • Engage users with a voice user interface in your devices and applications
  • Based on user preference of voice and language you can personalize your communication
  • Support for multiple languages that can enhance the business reach a wider customer base across the globe.
  • Ease of use to any age group from children to older adults.


  • Children with learning disabilities
  • Customer service
  • Digital publishing
  • Corporate training
  • Voice over for video creation

Text to speech converter available over the decade. But Artificial Intelligence involves and plays an exceptional role in it. This has allowed a new form of content. The advancement of technology allows these speech-impaired individuals to express their thoughts openly using an assistive device such as Text-to-speech technology. Now it’s easy to use the automated AI engine, to generate human-like voiceovers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) role in image editing

Images are the first impression and the most powerful medium naturally. The importance of photo editing is highest than ever before. A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Editing gives the best look for the images and also develops the overall quality of the image. Image editing involves the process of modifying images. It can make any event look and feel more vibrant. Photo editing brings life to the picture with more color and delight. In this digital world lot of online tools available to edit images.

Artificial intelligence becomes quite prevalent in the photography industry. It’s a vital tool to edit the images. AI becoming a predominant part to create beautiful art. The evolvement of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in photo editing increases gradually. It has a lot of advanced technology.

  • You can simply and innovatively edit images using artificial intelligence.
  • Great image processing with one click.
  • Intelligent scaling for your images with 4x magnification using artificial intelligence.
  • Artificial intelligence gets different art styles and can also refine your photos.
  • Without losing image quality it can scale images to four times.
  • Automatically cut out backgrounds and optimize or color images automatically.
  • Create unique images with an efficient tool

Nowadays several Artificial Intelligence-based photo editing not only can edit the photos according to the needs, like removing the background, or enhance colors, and also does it extremely fast. Image enhancement and image manipulation become excellent. It is used during photo editing to meld, improve and augment reality. Editing errors are minimized & the quality of images improves with the self-learning ability of Artificial Intelligence. It’s a turn to minimize your time to edit images using the Artificial Intelligence(AI) tool.

What is a domain name- How it is important?

In general domain name is the identity or address of your website. So that people can easily type your domain name on the browser URL to visit your website. Every website consists of two main elements. The first one is a web server and another one is a domain name. A web server is a physical machine that hosts all of your files, media, and asset on the server. When somebody types your domain name on the address bar the web hosting help to transfer the data from the server as per the necessity. A domain name consists of two main factors. For example, consists of the website’s name (gagcoders) and the domain name extension (.com).

Following are the types of domain name

  1. Top-level domain name
  2. Second-level and lower level domain name
  3. Internationalized domain name
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Top-level domain name

A top-level domain is a root in a domain hierarchy. It is the highest level of a domain such as .com,.net, and .org. It is used for special purposes such as testing, documentation, network, and other applications. It’s a trademark and most corporate companies registered this level of the domain to promote their product easily.

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Second-level and lower level domain name

It is a second-level in the domain hierarchy. These are the names left to the .com or .net. For example In the above example, co is a second-level domain name. A lower-level domain is written immediately to the left of a second-level domain. Then it goes forth and fifth and so on. Virtually there is no limit.

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Internationalized domain name

Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) allows people around the globe to use domain names in local languages and scripts. It’s formed from different scripts or languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Devanagiri, and Cyrillic. It allows native speakers of non-Latin-based scripts to access the Internet in their language.

Choosing the right domain name is an important key factor to bring more visitors to your website. It becomes troublesome to switch later on without harming your brand and search rankings if you choose the wrong domain name. That’s a reason why it’s extremely important. You can keep your domain name short, easy to pronounce and spell. The domain name must be unique to become a brand. Before register, a domain name, find out if there is already a registered business using the same name.

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How to prefer a reliable web hosting provider?

Web hosting is an online service that helps you to proclaim your website on the internet. It’s like rent a space on the server that stores your website data. Your web host is accountable for your website running 24/7 properly without any interference. To run a website without having any concerns even your sleep, web hosting is an appropriate choice. It stores all of your files, media, and asset on the server. When somebody types your domain name on the address bar the web hosting help to transfer the data from the server as per the necessity.

Types of web hosting are:

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting 

When it comes to thriving online your website’s performance involves a lot. You only have a few seconds to catch your visitor’s contemplation before they exit your website. When you employ a quality host service provider you will have the capability to build your domain-specific email address. Some hosts confine you to one, while others will permit you to generate an endless number of domain-specific email addresses. The base of your website’s protection starts with your host service provider. After all, this is where all of your website’s files are going to be saved. A quality host will have many levels of security in place.

The main comforts of web hosting services are:

  • Enhanced site performance
  • Domain-associated email address
  • High reliability and uptime
  • Advanced website security
  • Prominent technical support

Beyond the main advantage of aiding you to get your website live on the internet, web hosting offers a lot of other gains as well. Keep in mind that the sort of hosting you decide should be what is fittest for your current website demands. You can periodically shift packages, or renew your hosting in time.

Why grammar is important for communication?

In the professional world, communication decides who you are. Precise Grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and tone make your communication very clear and provide additional attention. It is the system of a language. Some people describe the rule of language. Accurate grammar is a key to speaking English fluently and boldly. It’s a code that makes languages work. Basic grammar rules that include proper use of a comma, subject-verb and pronoun agreement, Homophones.

Grammarly Logo

Parts of speech are building blocks of grammar that use to make a sentence.

Here is:

  • Verbs – A word that expresses action or state of being.
  • Nouns – A word that is the name of a thing, an idea, a place, or a person.
  • Pronouns – A place of a noun or a phrase that contains a noun.
  • Adjectives – A word that tells more about a noun.
  • Adverbs – A word that adds more information about the place, time, manner, cause, or the degree to a verb, an adjective, a phrase, or another adverb.
  • Prepositions – A word or phrase that is used before a noun or pronoun to show place, time, direction, etc.
  • Conjunctions – A word that is used for joining other words, phrases, or sentences.
  • Interjunctions – A word or phrase that is used to express surprise, pain, pleasure, etc.

The benefits of grammar improve your writing and speaking skills and that influences a lot. It helps to put the word together with meaning and to make an appropriate sentence. It improves your Listening, Reading, and Speaking skills. Grammar helps us to more comfortable in communicating. It gives information that helps the reader’s understanding. Whether you are looking for a new job or a student who is looking for higher studies grammar plays a vital role.

Make grammatical mistakes when speak or write is a usual thing. But to uplifting our skills grammar is essential. Nowadays a lot of free online tools available on the internet that helps us to choose the correct word tone, remove grammatical errors to make a word in a sensible order, and add the right endings. Choose the right tool to learn grammar and communicate easily.

Why image editing is so important in today’s world?

Image editing software is a crucial part of every photographer and graphic designer’s life. In this era of social networking, online marketing and worldwide businesses are trying hard to lift online media to create and strengthen brands that help in producing new avenues for revenue and lead generation. With the cost of digital cameras dropping and camera features going affluent by the year, the use of photos, mostly in the online world, has observed a steady growth over the years. The true capability of a photo can be elicited through photo enhancement, photo clipping, and photo manipulation instruments in many image editing software.

The main reasons why you need to edit a photo using image editing software are:

  • Photo Enhancement
  • Image Restoration
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Photo Clipping

Photo editing can make normal pictures look special. If you have family photos, vacation photos, party photos, or certain occasion photos that make for remarkable memories, then photo editing can shape them even more indelible. Photo editing can also assist to elevate the range of your business and assist fulfill its capability.

For instance, if you have a real estate business or a food catering service and want to pull in more clients, then photo editing can aid you to do that with amazing pictures that fascinate and attract the clients that you like to impress. With picture editing, there are unlimited effects that can be added about in a simple snapshot. You can make a plain landscape come vigorous with the colors of heaven. You can construct any event feel and look more spirited and fun with picture editing. So, you must use image editing for creating your picture faultless, more attractive as well as be appealing to the world community. Image editing can bring to life any photo with more color and delight.

Webinar create an engaging learning experience for a large audience

In this global pandemic storm, peoples are forced to work from home and students continue the studies from home. So the webinar usage increases across the globe. A webinar is a live session allowing real-time interactivity between the presenter and attendees. It’s an event held virtually which is attended by an online audience. The webinar is also called a web event, online seminar, webcast, web lecture, and virtual event. It brings your students, customers, or team members together. Try it free!

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It integrates audio and video, chat tools that give the feeling of real-time interaction. It allows engaging students in fully interactive, online learning experiences such as lectures and discussions. It allows easy interaction with the customer and involves the team member together for office meetings.

When you have a large audience, smart tools are essential for real-time interaction. The webinar offers several interactive opportunities.

You can 

  • Explain your products to the customers
  • Give training to the new employee
  • Broadcast your presentation
  • Educate your audience
  • Share your webpages and other multimedia content

There are many types of webinars conducted across the globe every second. The following are the most conducted types of webinar

  • Panel discussion
  • Customer/employee onboarding
  • Lead generation
  • Questions and answers
  • Corporate communities

New and trending technologies evolve day by day. Latest communication towards everything being more precise and faster. The average viewing time of the webinar increasing shortly. Identify your goal and choose the right tool to host your webinar successfully.

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