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5 Straightforward Tips to Increase Email Open Rates & CTR

An email marketing campaign can deliver an ROI of up to 4400%. But it “can” and not “will” provide this return on your investment. To make sure you get a high ROI, you need to increase your email open rates and CTR.

Average Email Open Rates & CTR

First, let’s know the average email open rate and CTR in the industry. According to the survey, the open rate for emails should be between 15% and 25%, while the CTR should be 2.5%. If your email open rates and click-through ratio are lower, implement these practical tips to improve them. Let’s get started!

1. Test Your Email Subject Line

Your email subject line is everything. It determines whether someone is going to open your email or not.

You will need to stand out with your subject lines. But don’t sound too promotional that your emails go to people’s spam folders. For years, digital marketers have created email campaigns by using the same subject line formulas.

Therefore, these common subject lines can be filtered out as white noise. Your primary focus should be to land your email into the people’s inbox and not in spam. Be creative with email subject lines and do the A/B testing.

2. Stop Your Email from Going to Spam

Despite the improvement in spam filters in recent years, they are still not perfect. Even your best emails can get swept into the dreaded spam folder, never to be seen again.  The best way to ensure a high open-rate for your email marketing campaigns is to avoid flagging as spam. Make sure all the recipients have done the double opt-in to receive your emails. Avoid words like “buy,” “discount” or “cash.” 

3. Boost Your Email Sending Score

What is an email sending score, anyway? Well, it’s kind of probability that your email will reach your subscriber’s inbox.
Here are some of the best practices to keep your email from going to spam and increase email open rates:

1. Make it easy for your subscribers to opt-out of your emails
2. Include your location to boost your credibility
3. Don’t go for clickbait but click-worthy subject lines 
4. Avoid spammy words
5. Ask your subscribers to add you to their whitelist
6. Keep your email codes clean
7. Send through verified domain or subdomain and good IP address

These are a few methods you can manually do to make your email friendly to your subscriber’s inboxes.

4. Send the Email to Yourself

Sending an email to yourself first is not only a fantastic idea for your business but the entire email campaign as well. It also helps prove that your email will go to your subscribers successfully. You get to see what your subscribers will see.

Before sending an email to your subscribers, send it to yourself. So, that you can

1. See where it lands in your inbox
2. And make sure everything looks perfect

Put yourself in the shoes of your recipient while reading the email.

5. Write Clear Email Body With Click-Worthy CTA

Small mistakes can shorten your email list. So, be careful when writing your email copy. And use these tips to increase email open rates and CTR:

1. Be clear about your target audience
2. Use clear and actionable language
3. Align your email with your subject line
4. Personalize each email to the perfect level
5. Never sell before your prospect is ready
6. Talk about benefits, not features (obviously)
7. Make use of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) subtly
8. Keep your CTAs clear, concise, and eye-catchy

Bottom line

To sum up, let re-enlist the tips for you here.

  1. Test your email subject lines
  2. Stop your emails from going to spam using
  3. Boost your email sending score
  4. Send the email to yourself
  5. And write clear email body with powerful CTA

These tips and tools helped email campaigns get way better results than the industry’s average. But don’t be disappointed if you don’t get the same turnaround right away. Give yourself time to experiment with A/B testing. And you’ll crush it!

Things to be known before buying a walkie-talkie

A walkie-talkie, more conventionally known as a handheld transceiver (HT), is a portable, hand-held, two-way radio transceiver. Handheld two-way radios were exploited by the military from backpack radios taken by a soldier in a soldier squad to keep the crew in connection with their commanders. Walkie-talkies for public safety, industrial and commercial uses may be part of trunked radio systems, which dynamically allot radio channels for more effective use of confined radio spectrum.

Such systems always operate with a base station that acts as a repeater and controller, even though individual mobiles and handsets may have a mode that bypasses the base station. People have discovered that when managing remote teams, having a walkie-talkie is the only safe way to have consistent and prompt communication methods, or at least that’s the intent. And it’s a trend that keeps improving.

This is the list of things to look for before buying walkie-talkies:

Ease of use: No matter your age, learning how to practice a new piece of technology can be astonishingly time-consuming, not to mention irritating. Ironically, it’s the most modern among us who seem to be the most courageous about trying new stuff. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some articles discussed why older adults often resist using new technology. Part of the explanation included the fact that people of any age need ease of use above all. An interesting takeaway was not that people should be trying harder to adapt, but companies should design devices and software providing worth. That holds for creating products to be used by all.

Grows with you and your needs: Old-time walkie-talkies are outdated in multiple ways not because of their size (and they are huge!), but because of the restrictions. In the old days of walkie-talkies, channels were confined, and there was no way of identifying who was listening in on your communication. And let’s not even talk about the case that connectivity was never a sure thing. As your company develops and your needs evolve, it’s important to have a two-way radio system that almost smoothly develops with you.

The trust factor: Being savvy internet and technology users, we’ve all gotten pretty good at understanding scams or unsavory types. It’s a little harder to figure out when a product or system suggested by a friend or ad, isn’t actually what it seems. A good brand will always tell the communication ranges without interference and make the customer delight.

Why image editing is so important in today’s world?

Image editing software is a crucial part of every photographer and graphic designer’s life. In this era of social networking, online marketing and worldwide businesses are trying hard to lift online media to create and strengthen brands that help in producing new avenues for revenue and lead generation. With the cost of digital cameras dropping and camera features going affluent by the year, the use of photos, mostly in the online world, has observed a steady growth over the years. The true capability of a photo can be elicited through photo enhancement, photo clipping, and photo manipulation instruments in many image editing software.

The main reasons why you need to edit a photo using image editing software are:

  • Photo Enhancement
  • Image Restoration
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Photo Clipping

Photo editing can make normal pictures look special. If you have family photos, vacation photos, party photos, or certain occasion photos that make for remarkable memories, then photo editing can shape them even more indelible. Photo editing can also assist to elevate the range of your business and assist fulfill its capability.

For instance, if you have a real estate business or a food catering service and want to pull in more clients, then photo editing can aid you to do that with amazing pictures that fascinate and attract the clients that you like to impress. With picture editing, there are unlimited effects that can be added about in a simple snapshot. You can make a plain landscape come vigorous with the colors of heaven. You can construct any event feel and look more spirited and fun with picture editing. So, you must use image editing for creating your picture faultless, more attractive as well as be appealing to the world community. Image editing can bring to life any photo with more color and delight.

How do we choose mobile accessories precisely?

Mobile accessories comprise any hardware that is not inherent to the operation of a mobile phone as designed by the manufacturer. An individual is forced to buy mobile accessories that will be employed in personalizing the smartphone. Phone cases and covers are considered as common accessories that are used to personalize one’s mobile smartphone. Get the perfect phone case or phone cover made just for you!

The mobile phone accessories give superb protection against falls, elements, dust, and dirt, and so on. One having a mobile case or cover will accredit the mobile phone to guard against external damage and other types of accidents that may happen. The appearance of the mobile can be adjusted that can be decided by wardrobe, lifestyle, occasion, and mood of a person. One is guided to settle for the mobile cover that is perfect to be used.

After buying the mobile, but it is not gratifying you means using the mobile phone accessories to shape it captivating to use. The primary intent of using the accessories is to make it easy and looks better to see and simplify to use the mobile phones. Collections

Benefits of Mobile accessories are:
· Customize your phone
· Protect your phone
· Add value to your phone
· Enlarge battery life

Particularly when the storage capacity is not adequate means it can be extended with the memory cards and they keep more data on it. When you are linking the mobile phone to computers means the data cable is required to transmit the data. Purchase of mobile phone accessories can improve the functionality when they are picked precisely.

Playing with toys enhances creativity in kids

Playing with Toys engages the baby’s senses and encourages them to sharpen their imaginations. When Kids grow they use toys to explore different objects. While they play it aids in the development of mental and physical skills which are going to be useful in their later life.
Kids show interest to learn about the world around them. Ever since they are born, toys are used to motivate babies to use their feet and hands to discover forms, colors, sounds, and so on.
Once babies learn how to sit and crawl, toys invite them to be on the move.
Toys boost kid’s creativity where it helps them to express their emotions (internal and external). Being parents we must first understand child psychology.

Here are a few common types of Traditional Toys listed:-
1. Toys that strengthen fine motor skills
Few toys that support the development of fine motor skills (e.g., finger dexterity, wrist flexibility). Kids playing with these toys require them to grasp, hold, or manipulate objects.
 Building structures with blocks, putting together puzzles, and cutting shapes are examples of toy-related activities that facilitate fine motor development.
2. Toys which stimulate the imagination
Giving Simpler toys to children will encourage their imagination. Toys like —cars and planes, dolls, accessories, kitchen sets, action figures, costumes, and others—encourage symbolically and pretend play.
 The child can create new worlds and stories each time they use these toys.
3. Toys that foster creativity
When children are given the freedom to express themselves and do not fear being criticized they often enjoy creative activities, such as drawing and painting
Material toys that are required for creative activities include (colored) papers of various sizes, child-safe scissors, colored pencils, paintbrushes, watercolor paint, modeling clay, etc.
4. Toys which promote conceptual and language learning
Board games and card games (e.g., Chutes, Ladders, checkers and Go Fish) help teach children new mathematical concepts, strengthening their problem-solving abilities, and improving their social skills.
Children will learn new vocabulary and will improve their language skills by talking about and reading books together.
5. Toys that encourage physical activity
These days especially media-based toys do not involve kids in active play, they end up with health problems (e.g., obesity)
It better to promote physical activity toys which include push and pull toys, big toy cars, bicycles and tricycles, balls (e.g., basketball), jump rope

The purpose of playing with toys is to facilitate warm and supportive communication. Therefore, Traditional toys or digital toys—should not be used to replace social interactions but to enhance them.

Technologies have become very essential in today’s world

We all have to accept the fact that, Technologies have become very essential in today’s world. Where few can’t imagine life without technology.Humans introduced technology and with the help of technology, he has also achieved a lot. Technology has made life easier and better. For example, We can connect to our friends and family from any part of the world, We have advance equipment that can cure a lot of illness, we can travel across the globe which means we are gifted with a lot of choices by developing technology that can simply human efforts. Most of the countries have developed their infrastructure using technology means better education, health care, transportation, and other services.

Our Future has been shaped with the help of technology- like saving energy, resources discovering new processes and methods. New innovations and technology developments have touched many lives around the world with the help of the Internet. The birth of the internet has changed day to day life. Once it was a static network designed to send messages between two terminals in smaller bytes, it was published and maintained
by only expert coders. Today, however, a vast amount of information is uploaded and downloaded via the internet. Internet was no longer used only for data exchange alone usage of the internet has versatile many individuals enabling their skills to communicate with one another, create content where we all are commentators, publishers, and creators. Today, we can send and receive data in a matter of seconds from one end of the world to the other, make online presentations, use pictures, video, sound and text to share our real lives play games also share our views in public or private social platforms.

Just 10 years ago there were no social media, later things have changed we have improved a lot in service, processes, and products- the future is awaiting with opportunities and the future of the internet has just begun.

Technology used for cellular communication is mobile technology

The technology used for cellular communication is Mobile Technology, in the olden days we were using football-sized mobile phones now the technology has grown rapidly from using a pager to the latest upgraded device that is embedded with messenger applications, browsers, portable mobile computing, compact gaming console, GPS navigation and networks like 2G, 3G, and 4G.

Classification of Mobile technology is of four types :
1. Radio-based two-way radio communication or Broadcast
2. Mobile phone service based on cellular phones SMS, WAP, GPRS, UMTS(3generation mobile communication network)
3. Laptops, tablets, Personal digital assistance, pagers, Bluetooth technology, RFID and GPS
4. Network-based Wi-Fi

Types of mobile networks:
Cellular network:
Using cell phone towers Radio networks are distributed which allows mobile to switch frequencies automatically and communicate without
interruptions, they accommodate multiple users to communicate across a limited number of radio frequencies.

4G network:
It is the current cellular service used for wireless communication. The technology used in this type is called “Packet switching Technology”
which organizes the data into packets and transmits the same also receives at the destination.
Then 3 “G” (Generation) 4 G is 10x faster where 5 G is expected to be 20x faster than 4 G.
Wireless networks are like cell towers for internet access, Radio waves connect devices through the internet by localized routers called hotspots.
Depending upon user preferences most of the mobile devices allow for automatic switching between Wi-fi and cellular network

Allows users to quickly connect or pair devices in a shorter distance using short-wavelength radio waves- such as headsets, speakers, phones, and other devices