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Why you need to have two-factor authentication for online accounts

Though two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a relatively old security tool to secure your login, many have not yet enabled the feature to prevent their accounts from being misused. Yes, 2FA adds an extra step to your log-in process, and enabling it for every account could be a little tiresome, but an unprotected password will make it easier for fraudsters to gain access to your bank account, debit/credit cards, or social media accounts.

If you have linked several third-party accounts or sites to your Google account, then it is highly advisable to enable 2FA because if a hacker manages to log in, then he will be able to access all your linked accounts and even change the password to take away your access. Similarly, if you have linked your Instagram account to Facebook, then the hacker just needs to crack the password to get access to both accounts and thus your entire online reputation.

If you don’t think this will happen to you, understand that hackers can break into your account through a phishing scam, credential stuffing, brute-force attack, and other methods. You can avoid these types of situations if you enable two-factor authentication as it would require an OTP or code that you have on your smartphone. So, the hacker won’t be able to sign in even if he has the password.

Microsoft announces Windows 11: Five features

Microsoft Windows 11 features: The new update is being called the “next generation” of Windows. Here’s a look at five features that you should be excited about.

Windows 11 is finally here. It comes with a massive redesign and new features that will offer a much faster experience. Microsoft’s next generation of Windows will be rolled out later this year and will be available to users as a free upgrade. However, there are some hardware requirements that your PC needs to have to run the new Windows OS. Here’s a look at five features that you should be excited about.

  1. Android apps on Windows
  2. Significant changes for gamers
  3. Better multitasking experience
  4. Widgets
  5. Refreshing look

The update also brings redesigned sounds and alerts, and one will also notice some subtle changes in gestures. You will also see new themes and some attractive wallpapers.

Facebook’s VR ads test loses the first game after backlash

The first game developer signed up to test Facebook’s plan to put adverts into Oculus VR games has reversed course after a backlash from players. It comes days after Facebook announced it would place adverts inside players’ headsets, starting with shooter game Blaston.

It was the only named title listed to take part. But its maker, Resolution Games, has now said its game “isn’t the best fit” for in-game advertising. After an outcry from gamers, the company stated to media outlets from chief executive Tommy Palm, saying it had seen the feedback.

“Some good points have been made, and we realize that Blaston isn’t the best fit for this type of advertising test. Therefore, we no longer plan to implement the test in Blaston,” he said.

Microsoft Outlook for iOS Gets Voice Dictation for Emails, Scheduling Meetings

Microsoft Outlook will now let users dictate emails and schedule meetings using voice commands. The new voice features will first arrive on Outlook for iOS. And Microsoft says the features will be ‘coming soon to Outlook for Android as well. Microsoft will employ the use of its virtual assistant Cortana to help users navigate the Outlook app on mobile platforms. The dictation abilities were previously only available on the Microsoft Outlook desktop app.

Microsoft’s blog says that the speech-to-text features on Outlook for iOS and Android will make it easier for users to send emails, schedule meetings, and search the app using their voice. The Redmond, California-based tech giant says that its virtual assistant Cortana will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help users perform multiple tasks without the need for text commands.

Microsoft says Bing’s ‘Tank Man’ censorship was a human error

On Microsoft’s search engine Bing, searching for “Tank Man,” the iconic figure from the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests in China, turned up no image results in the United States for part of Friday. Vice was able to produce the same results in the US and heard from multiple users from other countries who ran into the same issue.

Stranger still, searching “Tank Man” or “Tiananmen Square Tank Man” turned up normal search results in Bing, it’s just images that were mysteriously missing. Microsoft said, “This is due to an accidental human error and we are actively working to resolve this.”

Norton antivirus adds Ethereum cryptocurrency mining

In a surprise move, one of the world’s best-known anti-virus software makers is adding cryptocurrency mining to its products. Norton 360 customers will have access to an Ethereum mining feature in the “coming weeks”, the company said.

Cryptocurrency “mining” works by using a computer’s hardware to do complex calculations in exchange for a reward. It is not clear what the business model for Norton Crypto is, or if Norton will take a cut of earnings. The company pitched the idea as a safe and easy way to get into mining, an “important part of our customers’ lives”.

WhatsApp Business API Gets New Updates to Help Businesses Communicate With Customers More Quickly

WhatsApp Business API is getting a slew of updates aimed at making it easier for businesses to get started with the social messaging platform, and allowing customers to quickly communicate with those businesses, the Facebook-owned messaging company announced during Facebook’s F8 Refresh on Wednesday.

The company said that it had tweaked the WhatsApp Business API to make onboarding possible in just five minutes, from “weeks”. WhatsApp is also bringing new messaging features to ease communication between people and businesses. The latest announcements are likely to help WhatsApp attract new businesses and bring them closer to their potential customers.

Asteroid 2021 KT1 Considered ‘Potentially Hazardous’ by NASA to Pass Near Earth on Tuesday

2021 KT1, a “potentially hazardous” asteroid is passing near the Earth on Tuesday (June 1), NASA has warned. The asteroid will make a close approach to the Earth at around 10:24 am EDT (7:54 pm IST). The gigantic rock would fly past our planet with a distance of around 4.5 million miles. Some other asteroids are also expected to zip past the Earth later this week. However, those would be significantly smaller than the 2021 KT1.

Google Chrome for Android Gets a New Screenshot Tool in the Sharing Menu

Google Chrome for Android is getting a new built-in Screenshot tool. The new option appears in the sharing menu in the bottom row along with Copy Link, Send to Your Devices, QR Code, and Print. The new tool seems to be a part of the Chrome 91 update for Android that was recently released by Google. The screenshot tool is an addition to Google’s revamped ‘Sharing Menu’ that was introduced last year. The new feature should make it easier to take screenshots of web pages.

Billionaire Mark Cuban Invests In Indian Blockchain Startup Polygon

US-based investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban has invested an undisclosed amount in Polygon, an Indian cryptocurrency platform that aims to provide faster and cheaper transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Polygon’s native token Matic has crossed a market cap of over $10 Bn and is among the top 20 crypto coins globally.

Polygon is a layer 2 scaling project created by Jayanti Kanani, Sandeep Nailwal, Anurag Arjun, and Mihailo Bjelic in 2017. It was created to function as an alternative to Ethereum’s blockchain or to create ‘sidechains’ along Ethereum’s network to overcome some of its issues. The concept of Polygon’s sidechains ensures that users do not have to suffer from slow transaction speeds and costs as an infinite number of sidechains can be created along with existing blockchains if the pre-existing sidechains also get congested.

In a social media post, Polygon shared that the cryptocurrency platform is now part of Cuban’s portfolio.

Will Facebook, Twitter, Instagram really shut down from India?

Important decisions are likely to be made in the next couple of days. Users don’t know who to complain to if they find something offensive on social media. Where their doubts will be resolved. Some social media platforms had asked for six months to comply with central government regulations. Some said they were following orders related to their headquarters in the United States.

This is important news for many users who use social media. There has been a lot of talk on social media and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Companies like these are going to stop working in India. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. However, according to media reports, the Center is likely to take some important decision in the next two days, till May 27.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) had given all social media companies three months to implement the new rules. This includes several rules in the offices in India such as liaison officer, contact address, grievance redressal officer, investigation of objectionable content, company report.

Microsoft announces the retirement of its longstanding Internet Explorer

Microsoft has decided to put an end to its longstanding browser; Internet Explorer next year, after more than 25 years. The aging web browser has not been used much by consumers for years because of the emergence of better alternatives. Microsoft will be retiring from Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022. “The Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will be retired and go out of support on June 15, 2022, for certain versions of Windows 10.

Govt again warns WhatsApp to scrap the 2021 privacy policy

Instant messaging platform WhatsApp may face legal action in India by May 25 if it does not send a satisfactory reply to a new notice sent by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology asking the company to withdraw its latest privacy policy update, ministry officials said.

We have a sovereign responsibility to protect the rights and interests of Indian citizens. The government will consider various options available under the law,” a senior IT ministry official said.

In a communication sent late on Tuesday to WhatsApp asking it to withdraw the new privacy policy, the IT ministry said, “The changes to the privacy policy and the manner of introducing these changes including in FAQ (frequently asked questions) undermines the sacrosanct values of informational privacy, data security and user choice for Indian users and harms the rights and interests of Indian citizens.

Chinese Tianwen-1 Mission Lands On Mars

Exploring Mars has been the top agenda for several countries here. While NASA has successfully landed the Perseverance rover to explore the Red Planet, China is following its footsteps closely. The latest news reveals that China’s Tianwen-1 mission has successfully landed its first rover on Mars, becoming the second nation to get a rover on the Martian surface.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

The world is amid a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. Since 1 January 2020, WHO has been working with countries and areas across the Western Pacific Region to share the latest evidence, prepare for and respond to COVID-19.

This includes tracking the pandemic, advising on critical interventions, coordinating with a wide range of partners, deploying experts, procuring and shipping diagnostics and personal protective equipment, and disseminating information to the public on how to protect themselves and others.

WHO is also working in collaboration with scientists, manufacturers, and global health organizations through the ACT-Accelerator on development, production, and equitable access to COVID-19 tests, treatments, and vaccines. While we work on the rollout of safe and effective vaccines, we must continue other essential public health actions to suppress transmission and reduce mortality.

Chinese rocket expected to crash into Earth this weekend

A large Chinese rocket that is out of control is set to reenter Earth’s atmosphere this weekend, bringing a final wave of concern before its debris makes an impact somewhere on Earth.

The Long March 5B rocket, which is around 100 feet tall and weighs 22 tons, is expected to enter Earth’s atmosphere “around May 8,” according to a statement from Defense Department spokesperson Mike Howard, who said the US Space Command is tracking the rocket’s trajectory.

The rocket’s “exact entry point into the Earth’s atmosphere” can’t be pinpointed until within hours of reentry, Howard said, but the 18th Space Control Squadron is providing daily updates on the rocket’s location through the Space Track website.

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