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Important Social Media Sites to Use for Your Business

If you want to make the most of your time on social media, you need to consider which social media sites your business will benefit you the most. Although the best option will vary based on your customer demographics.


According to statistics, there are 2.8 billion Facebook users, more than any other social platform in the world. Your business should have a Facebook profile for that reason alone.

It’s fairly easy to set up a Facebook account, which will allow you to interact with customers, share posts, and sell almost anything on the platform and in addition to building your brand, you can also use Facebook as a marketplace platform.

Facebook Marketplace is excellent for selling your products because its customers are already actively engaging with the Facebook app without having to visit a website to place their order. This can help to add a layer of trust for the customer and also make it more convenient to purchase because they don’t need to leave the Facebook app to shop. 


Instagram is another social platform that your business should consider thanks to its 1.3 billion users. It is typically used to promote products and brands which could be deemed to be “inspirational” and “aspirational”, something which is proving to be popular.

However, there are Instagram brands and stores which do sell other everyday items through the platform and gain a following. They usually do this using inspirational photography of products in settings that customers can envisage using within their own daily lives. 


With 774 million users, LinkedIn is another user account for businesses to have around the world.

LinkedIn is a great social media site to use if you want to build a company’s profile or brand without necessarily wanting to sell specific items. You can comment on posts, create posts, and send connection requests to reach people in the same industry, promote your marketing campaigns.

Because LinkedIn is business-focused, it has also become a great way of recruiting team members, as the site is essentially dedicated to showcasing user’s skills and experience. So it is also an ideal profile to have if you’re looking to reach out to users who are available to work and have existing knowledge of your industry.


You could be reaching nearly 400 million users from around the world with a help of a Twitter profile. 67% of businesses are using Twitter already, which has led to an emerging trend of brand collaborations. 

Over the last few years, Twitter has seen businesses tweeting each other with the hope of creating the perfect viral tweet. This has led to increased brand awareness for those businesses as well as social proof for their brand. 

But Twitter is still primarily used worldwide as a way to interact with your customers, handle customer complaints and feedback, and make business announcements. Your customers will likely look to Twitter to reach out about any issues they have experienced with your brand, so having a presence on the platform can help you to manage your reputation. 


Although not as popular as it once was, Pinterest still proudly holds on to the title of being the 14th largest online platform in the world, with nearly 500 million users. With an audience that big, it can pay to have a presence on it.  

Operating in a similar way to Instagram, Pinterest allows customers to “pin” their favorite items from different companies onto their own profiles for future reference. There, users can opt to buy items from their board or visit the companies’ websites. 

If your business happens to sell products within the lifestyle or fashion industry, then Pinterest would be the perfect place to showcase your items since aesthetics make a big impact on how many pins your content gets.

Boost your online presence using Canva

What is Canva?

Canva is a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content. A drag and drop interface makes customizing thousands of templates simple and easy. Canva’s wide array of features allow you to edit photos without extensive photo editing knowledge or experience.

Reasons to use Canva

  • You Don’t Need Design Skills
  • It’s Easy to Use
  • The Possibilities are Endless
  • It’s (Mostly) Free

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Some of the content you can create using Canva:

Blog Post BannerPhoto Enhancer
Infographic Creation8,000 Templates
Custom Text and Premium FontsPhoto Blur
Image CropperPhoto Vignette
Add text to photosDesign Grids
Speech bubble makerLogo Creation
Image Transparency ToolPhoto Frames

How to use Canva?

Firstly, create your account or sign up with Google or Facebook

Then you will be asked, “What will you be using Canva for?”

Select the right option so that Canva can recommend you the designs and templates as per your profile.

The various options available are

4.Small Business
5.Large Company
6.Non-profit or Charity

Select whatever you are and proceed. 

Also, you will get an option to try Canva Pro for Free for 30 days. If you are keen to try it, opt for it. Else, skip and proceed with the free version.

In the search bar, start typing the name of the platform for which you want to create the graphic. Or, select the templates from below. There are various options like social media, events, marketing, documents, etc.

If you want to create a graphic with a custom dimension, in the right-hand corner you can find the “Custom Dimensions” option. Click on it and proceed.

When you start designing, you can add the text, image, or any other element from the left-hand toolbar. All you need to do is drag-and-drop.

Canva Free vs. Pro

If you’re just beginning with Canva, or you’re using it in a non-professional setting or for personal use, the Free account is where it’s at. If you’re in an agency setting or a working marketing professional looking to differentiate your content from others, please use CanvaPro. The few differences in the Pro version of the program are the abilities to:

  • Take designs you’ve already completed, and change them into new dimensions.
  • Upload your specific brand font, or your clients’ font and use them at your disposal!
  • Have multiple teams using one Canva account? Organize all collateral, photos, uploads, and completed work with Folders.
  • Access to additional imagery, GIFs, illustrations, and many more templates, without paying per image.

Freshchat Real-Time Messaging for Modern Businesses

What is Real-Time Messaging?

Real-time messaging is the simultaneous exchange of text or media messages between two or more individuals. Whether we choose to engage on messaging apps such as iMessage or WhatsApp or prefer social media messengers such as Facebook Messenger or Instagram messages, real-time messaging has become a popular method of communication in our daily lives. Businesses too are now jumping to offer customer service using real-time messaging, in a bid to engage easily with their customers. 

Why should businesses need Freshchat real-time messaging?

Think back to the time you needed to verify your online purchase details, but there wasn’t a live agent to help you out. You couldn’t go ahead with your purchase without your question being clarified, so you didn’t make the purchase. That business lost you as a customer that day.

When customers go unattended, they are likely to leave and never come back. So choosing the channel that offers the highest rate of customer service resolutions is essential for a business. Businesses that face long wait times, high volumes of queries, and queries outside business hours will significantly benefit from a real-time messaging solution.

The Freshchat real-time messaging solutions can take customer service a step further. It can give information to customers before they interact with an agent. The information offered can be as small as setting a response-time expectation to an AI chatbot that can instantly answer the customer. Sign up for free

Traditional Real-Time MessagingModern Real-Time Messaging
Synchronous messaging requires both the sender and receiver to participate in the conversation at the same time.In asynchronous messaging, the sender can post as many messages as they want, and the receiver can reply to them when available. 
The absence of a receiver means there will be no conversation. The sender has to wait for the receiver to be online to send messages.The absence of the receiver does not affect anything, and conversations can still be relayed and can be replied to when the receiver is available.
The sender and receiver can only talk to one person at a time. The sender and receiver can chat with multiple people concurrently.

Here’s how you can use messaging software to offer high-quality, real-time messaging-based customer service.

  • Notifications
  • Response Expectation
  • Priority Inbox
  • Business Hours
  • Live Translate
  • Canned Responses
  • FAQs
  • Hallway Bot
  • Chatbots

Freshchat is home to state-of-the-art modern messaging. Every feature listed above is used by customers every day to offer real-time support. You can get started with Freshchat with a 21-day free trial. After that, you can choose which features fit your arsenal in offering high-quality, real-time customer service and pick a plan that works for your business.